Do You Have a Minimum Order Requirement?

- 72PC minimum for all cosmetics and skincare
- 50PC minimum for mink lashes

What is the Standard Shipping Time?

- Between 4-6 weeks for all cosmetics and skincare
- Between 2-3 weeks for mink lashes

What are the Steps in Getting Started?

- Contact us by completing the contact form below
- One of our reps will phone you for a brief consultation
- We will go over different product packaging options and shade/style options
- You will provide to us your logo (or we can design one in-house for you for an additional $70 fee)

When Providing a Logo:

Logo needs to be in both VECTOR file and PNG file.
High resolution and on an ALL white background with black color text only.
Logo print options: You will be given the option to print your logo in silver, black or gold.

Do You Provide Cosmetic Packaging?

Yes, we do.

Ready to Get Started?